Thursday, November 6, 2008

Move Over Glade

'Tis Satsuma season! Don't you just love those easy-to-peel little oranges? We fly through them in our house. Instead of ditching the peels in the compost why don't you used them to make a natural air freshener? Here's what you need:
Put the peels from a few of the little guys into a small pan, sprinkle some cinnamon over them or add a few cinnamon sticks, cover them in a decent amount of water and set the burner to the lowest heat level. Make sure you check it periodically so that all of the water doesn't evaporate - or if you're me you set a timer :)
Soon your home will be filled with cinnamony-orange goodness without the chemicals or waste from a store bought air freshener. Mmmmmm . . .

Article: Toxic Chemicals Found in Common Laundry Detergents, Air Fresheners
Hidden Hazards of Air Fresheners