Friday, August 1, 2008

beautifying the earth

today we walked home from a playground and i started being disturbed by all of the trash along the way. ari (5 1/2) and i started talking about how ugly it made things and how people make choices that impact other people, animals, and plant life. finally when we were almost home we decided...hey! let's pick this stuff up! we didn't have a bag and we were almost home, but we came up with all of this in our little impromptu litter walk. we are going to be more intentional next time and the discussion sparked was even better than the beauty restored.


Jeana said...

That is so awesome! Good thinking, Ari!

Justine said...

That was great of you to do... most of that stuff would go right in my recycle bin!

Anonymous said...

Yes isen't it discusting how much people throw down and don't even give it a second thought...sigh... I have taken to also gathering up stuff as I see it. My sister used to take her kids on a certain area several times a week and decided that one part of the area they were going to help keep clean from then on out. After a while she could really see the difference. It was a tiny park on her way home. I have heard of others who actually plant flower seeds or native plants! If you live in an area where it rains enough once planted they will grow on their own to make others smile and take more pride in their area! :) Jody