Thursday, February 26, 2009

Amazing Eye-Make-Up Remover (in a cute package!)

My favorite Christmas gift this year was from my beautiful sister-in-law, Anita. We had told each other that we both wanted to make as many handmade gifts for our family as possible and she did not dissappoint! Isn't it cute? And it works wonderfully, too. The skin around my eyes feels so soft and I feel much better using this than I do about putting mineral oil on my face (ew!) I think it's a fantasitc gift idea and you probably want to make one for yourself, too!

There were several comments asking about the process or recipe for this.  Simply saturate the cotton swabs in olive oil and then package them in a small jar.  You can add a little extra olive oil to the bottom of the jar if you like.  Hope that helps!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

dryer balls

dryer, they're not related to the little beasts that eat random socks in your dryer:)  they actually save money and the earth's resources!  these balls are designed to reduce drying time by separating laundry while it tumbles and allowing warm air to flow more efficiently.  they also soften your fabrics without using chemical softeners.  they have been proven to make ironing easier, decrease lint and reduce drying time up to 25%!  they are totally reusable...just leave 'em in your dryer and forget about them.  and if that isn't enough.....i just found a site that tells you how to make your own!!  (yes, i watch too many infomercials:)  act now, this offer won't last!  oh, wait.  it will.  but still, get on this right away and let us know how it goes!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I made a great find at a thrift store recently--a popcorn maker!

My kids LOVE it. I love it, too and here are some of the reasons why:
  • Popcorn is an easy healthy snack.
  • By making my own popcorn I can control how much butter and salt is used.
  • Popcorn kernels are MUCH cheaper than pre-popped popcorn or microwave popcorn.
  • There is very little waste with popcorn kernels, as opposed to microwave popcorn which often has a plastic wrapping, plus the paper bag, not to mention to cardboard box it comes in.
  • It's fun to watch the popcorn popping (and it takes about the same amount of time as microwave popcorn)
  • No hot dangerous oils or burning microwave bags.

As you can see I bought it for a great price! New popcorn makers cost between $14 and $20 on average. For all the benefits listed above, I still think they are worth that price. However, buying a fun appliance like this at a thrift store not only saves you money but it also means you're giving something a second life--which is always more environmentally friendly than buying something new. Plus, you won't be contributing to any landfills with all the packaging of a new appliance.

If you decide to go thrifting for a popcorn maker I'm sure you'll find plenty to choose from. When I bought this one there were four others on the shelf, including a brand new one still in the box. Just be sure to check the power cords for kinks or fraying--setting your house on fire is not frugal or green. :)